The VeinGogh treatment is an innovative procedure for adults specially designed to remove spider veins on the lower extremities and face. VeinGogh is minimally painful, minimally invasive and FDA approved.


The treatment works best on thin spider veins or tangled, thread-like veins known as telangiectasia.

If you have what’s known as cherry angiomas, VeinGogh is effective for eliminating those, too. The broken blood vessels or lesions of cherry angiomas give the affected area a reddish appearance and the imperfections can form on any part of your body.

Why VeinGogh for Spider Veins?

The VeinGogh treatment offers numerous advantages including:

  • You will see results withing a few days and continuous improvement over the next several weeks
  • Unlike IPL and most laser treatments, VeinGogh can be used on any skin type including tanned skin
  • The highly precise treatment is less likely to affect any tissue surrounding small spider veins than other methods
  • Can be used in sensitive areas
  • It is minimally invasive, minimally painlful and requires no downtime for recovery
  • The treatment is performed in-office in just minutes
  • It is minimally invasive so you can return to work and leisure activities right away with absolutely no downtime
  • It is one of the most cost effective treatments available for spider veins free legs
  • It is FDA approved

As with any vein removal treatment, it is recommended that you consult with your vein specialist about treatment options.

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