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Acne Scars TreatmentsOften times acne leaves behind visible scars on your face long after the acne disappears.

However, you don’t have to show the world that you once suffered from (mild or severe) acne!

At SKINovative, we understand how important it is for you to restore that youthful, supple skin complexion that has been ravaged by acne. Especially on your face.

The fact is, you no longer have to live with the embarrassing acne scars for the rest of your life.

What Types of  Acne Scars Does SKINovative Treat?

It is important to note that it is difficult to rid the skin of severe scarring entirely. However, the treatment options offered at SKINovative can reduce them dramatically. As a result, you are left with smoother, healthier looking skin.

Generally, there exist two main categories of acne scars.

  • There are those caused by flesh accumulation- these are known as hypertrophic acne scars
  • There are those caused by loss of flesh- these are known as atrophic acne scars

From these two categories, four subcategories are used to identify acne scars. Getting an accurate assessment of the type of scarring one has is essential in administering treatment.

SKINovative treats the following acne scar types:

Ice Pick Scars

As the name implies, these types of scars appear as though a tiny ice pick made them. They are depressions on the face that look like tiny deep holes or pores. They originate when a cyst or inflammation works its way up from deep inside the skin. It damages the skin, thus leading to a cavity on the skin that extends to the dermis.

Boxcar Acne Scars

These scars are usually oval or rounded. They form when the collagen layer of the skin is destroyed by inflammation. As a result, the top layer of the skin is unsupported and caves in. They range from severe to very superficial.

Rolling Scars

This type of scarring gives the skin the appearance of depressions. It is common in individuals who have been afflicted by long-term acne.

Keloid Scars

Less common than other types of acne scars, these appear as raised, lumpy formations. They develop due to the overproduction of collagen in a place where an acne wound was previously located.

What Are My Treatment Options?

As you may already know, over-the-counter scrubs, creams and masks do little to improve acne scars.

Advances in medical aesthetics now offers you affordable acne scar treatment options to restore a smooth and youthful complexion. These treatments are available for both males and females, including young teens and adults.

SKINovative offers the following treatments  that dramatically reduce the appearance of acne scars:


This is an evolutionary treatment method for treating acne scarring. It works through the well-known needling technology. Our trained expert uses tiny needles to poke at the scarred regions of the skin. This encourages collagen formation. Micro-needling is relatively safe for all types of skins. This affordable method is most effective in treating rolling and atrophic scarring. The microneedling treatment has a relatively short downtime. This makes the wait totally worth it.

Chemical Peels

At SKINovative, we offer medical grade chemical peels, manufactured by PCA Skin Care.

No matter what skin type you have, we have a peel specifically designed for you. Our chemical peels are effective in rejuvenating skin as well as treating mild acne scars.

More than one treatment will be necessary to improve the appearance of acne scars significantly. In most cases, our patients repeat the treatment about every four weeks. The result is great healthier looking skin with reduced visibility of acne scars.

PCA Skin Care Chemical Peel Before & After (1 month)

PCA Skin Care for Acne  PCA Skin Care for Acne
*Unretouched photos of an actual patient taken before and after treatment with PCA Skin Care. Individual results may vary.

PCA Skin Care Chemical Peel Before & After (5 months)

PCA Skin Care for Acne  PCA Skin Care for Acne
*Unretouched photos of an actual patient taken before and after treatment with PCA Skin Care. Individual results may vary.


DermasweepThis revolutionary exfoliation technology is quite effective in treating acne scars. It involves a process of resurfacing damaged skin to even it out, for a smoother feel.

The technology works by use of a high-speed brush. With this technology, our experts can effectively reach every scar. By exfoliating the older skin, the new, healthier skin will grow. The treatment takes a relatively short time, between 30 and 40 minutes. With this treatment, there is no downtime.

DermaSweep Before & After

DermaSweep Before & After
*Unretouched photos of actual patient taken before and after treatment with Dermasweep. Individual results may vary.

How Much Downtime Will I Experience?

Depending on the acne scar treatment plan you might be required to avoid exposing the skin to the sun for a few days. Aside from that, you may return to your regular activities right after the treatment.

It is important to note that we at SKINovative do not treat active cases of acne.

Acne Scar Treatments Side Effects

As a result of some of our treatments, it is possible that other skin imperfections such as fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and dull skin be fixed. You can also expect the best results by following the aftercare instructions.

In some cases, it is possible to get an uneven skin tone or irregular pigmentation. However, this is most likely if you don’t follow the aftercare instructions.

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